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How much efficiency can a fully automatic steel strapping machine improve?
2021-07-01 09:49:01

Fully automatic rebar bundling machine, with the same name and rebar bundling machine, English translation as Automatic Rebar Tying Machine or Rebar tier, is a hand-held battery-type steel bar quick binding tool. Instead of manually bundling rebar. Rebar bundling machine is mainly composed of four parts: body, special wire reel, battery box and charger.

The biggest feature of the steel strapping machine is fast and convenient. Its efficiency is 3-4 times that of manual efficiency. It can save a lot of manpower and greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. At present, the price in the market has not reached the level of popularity. Due to its higher price than your other similar power tools, it has not yet been accepted on a large scale. So at present, the main market is still in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, because of its higher labor costs and individuals are more reluctant to engage in low-level hard work. This product has a relatively large market in developed markets in Europe and the United States.

At present, the companies or factories producing this product in the world are mainly in Japan and China. Originating from Japan, in recent years, Chinese companies have introduced imitation manufacturing. Due to their relatively high profit margins, several factories have quickly begun to imitate the market, and foreign trade companies have appeared in large numbers. But the quality is uneven. The best quality control is still the Japanese company, the performance is very good, but the price is also very expensive, so that domestic imitation products can also occupy a part of the market. Recently, with the gradual improvement of domestic manufacturers' quality, the market share has gradually increased, but there is still a large gap to challenge the status of Japanese manufacturers.


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