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Preparation for sawing aluminum
2021-07-01 09:48:44

(1) Preparation for sawing aluminum machine

1. Clean up the job site without obstacles.

2. The material to be processed is properly placed to facilitate the feeding and sawing.

3. Check whether the electrical machinery runs normally (equipment trial run for 1 minute).

4. The operator should wear glasses, and the long hair of the female employee should be wrapped in the work cap.

5. Check whether the coolant system and lubrication system are normal.

(2) Aluminum sawing machine operation

1. Turn on the power and start working after the standby unit is operating normally.

2. Adjust the feed speed of sawing according to the thickness and width of the processed profile. Ensure that the flatness of the saw cut surface meets the standard.

3. Adjust the blanking size according to the production process and drawing requirements.

4. For each kind of workpiece, the first inspection and self-inspection in progress must be done. Correct any deviations that exceed the tolerance requirements in the self-test. It is forbidden to cut the unqualified workpiece into the next process.

5. Put the processed parts in good quality and waste products in a neat and tidy manner, and count the quantities, which is convenient for the next process operation.

6. When abnormal sound or equipment failure is found during the operation of the equipment, the operation should be stopped immediately and the power should be turned off. Wait until the fault is removed before proceeding.

7. Clean the sawing machine after work or before work. When cleaning aluminum sawdust, use an air gun to clean the aluminum shavings, but don't face anyone's face and eyes: do not mix aluminum shavings with other metal shavings.

8. Do daily maintenance of the sawing machine. Replenish the coolant in time, fill the lubricating guide rail once a week, and change the hydraulic oil once a year.